Our Offer

You are an actor of the cultural, tourism or event sector, looking for a custom-made olfactory creation?
TheOdore accompanies you throughout your project, from the development of your olfactory strategy, to the composition by our perfumer in house, until the odorization.

We help you to:

Tourisme Olfactif et Culture Olfactive

Tourism & Culture

promote and enhance your heritage, develop olfactory strategies, odorize shows, create olfactive identities,

Événementiel Olfactif


design a scented itinerary, optimize immersive and multisensory atmospheres and experiences, scent your show, create your olfactory event.

Bespoke composition

You want a specific scent or atmosphere? We create it for you, with our in house perfumer. You can choose between two formats:

Odeur thématique

A thematic scent

You choose among three simple proposals during a unique meeting, for a custom creation.

Signature olfactive

A signature scent

You get your own creation after three meetings, for an ultra-personalized atmosphere.


Your olfactory creation will then be declined according to the diffusion medium of your choice:

Espace odorisé


Diffusion machines for large, medium and small volumes.

Station Olfactive


Diffusion stations with or without electricity.

Coffret d'odeurs


Collections of scents in bottles.

Objet Parfumé


Candles, atomizers, perfume jewels, ceramics, reed diffusers, scratch and sniff and other personalized items to create your own olfactory ambiance.


We also offer the technical management of your olfactory events.


atelier olfactif

TheOdore is committed to preserving and promoting olfactory culture and heritage. We offer educational activities and training around perfumery, as well as the world of scents and aromas. Our offer :

  • perfume creation workshops
  • olfactory discovery workshops
  • educational olfactory boxes with collections of scents.