ONSKAD Fragrances

Retrospective Collection. ONSKAD 30’/ ONSKAD 50’/ ONSKAD 80′. 2021

Creation of 3 Eaux de Parfums for women for the brand ONSKAD Fragrances, 3 femininities linked to the emblematic decades 30′, 50′ and 80′.

Flacons des Parfums ONSKAD 80', 50' et 30'
Flacons des Parfums ONSKAD 80′, 50′ et 30′
Flacon du Parfum ONSKAD 30'

30′ tells the story of the accessories worn by an emancipated femininity of the 30’s, a leather cigarette case, a powder case with Art-Deco lines, a tube of lipstick. Cosmetic powder and wisps of smoke.

Flacon du Parfum ONSKAD 50'

50′ expresses the classic and elegant New York style embodied by Grace Kelly, but also the impeccable allure of post-war American female domestic perfection. A luminous floral chypre elegance with a clean, almost perfect musky trail, overshadowed by clean wet and woody notes. A glamorous retro chic floral chypre built around a subtly musky rose, nuanced with silky taffeta textures.

Flacon du Parfum ONSKAD 80'

80′, a mix of styles of an assertive and hyper colored woman. The working woman with epaulets. A fluorescent lycra which does not lie on its forms. The provocation and opulence of pearly and blush eyelids, voluminous hair, and excessive jewelry. 80′ a narcotic floral, around a carnation with accents of datura, a bewitching perfume of a hypnotic femme fatale, overdosed with heliotropin. A pearly, metallic floral, new materials for a singular woman.

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