Light’in the roots

Light’in the roots
Finalist Eau de Parfum. Outsider Scent Award. Smell festival dell’olfatto. Bologna, Italy. 2017

Creation of an eau de parfum ‘Light’in the roots’, finalist of the OSA Outsider Scents Awards, gathering Italian experts of niche perfumery.

Between earth and sky
The roots hide like a promise of life
Take the root upside down
From the shadows, lift its fragrance to the light
A fizz of ginger
A dark vetiver
A rising scent of roots
Flacon du Parfum 'Light in the roots'

“The jury of experts particularly appreciated the interpretation through the earth and sky exalting this contrast releasing all the energy of another root: ginger. By combining it with the brightness of lemon and geranium in a chiaroscuro effect with Haitian vetiver, the creation shines with balance and demonstrates a remarkable mastery of the medium of expression.”
OSA Jury

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