Are you looking for a creative perfumer? Trained by the houses of Dior and Hermès, I create custom perfumes for brands and individuals.

Are you a young brand wishing to distinguish yourself with a unique fragrance collection? A hotel looking for its own olfactory identity? A luxury player interested in the treasures of French perfumery? Do you dream of a unique olfactory signature, for yourself or for your event? Welcome to my world. I create with you and for you, a perfume that looks like you. Distinguish yourself, shine through your fragrance!

« Authentic multi-faceted perfumer, Léa Hiram has put forward her hyper daring creativity with an unprecedented motto: perfume to flirt with oneself. »

Virginie Dhoye- Onskad Fragrances

«The design shines in its balance, demonstrating a remarkable mastery of the medium of expression. »

Jury Outsider Scent Awards

« Your composition is short and perfect… I have nothing to add! »

François Demachy – In house perfumer Dior Perfumes

Customized perfume

From the creation to the production of perfume, I accompany you at each step of your project.

You want to create emotion with an original perfume that tells your story? I put my listening skills and creativity at your service. I capture your colors, your personality, your ideas, your values and your image. I transform your memories and your dreams into olfactory agreements.

Eau de parfum, scented candle, room fragrance, cosmetic product or any other diffusion support: together we create your formula.

Wherever you are, we work together and remotely, internationally.

Last step, I entrust your project to a partner company located in Grasse. I chose the world capital of perfume to guarantee the quality and conformity of the production. You will receive your turnkey product.

My secret? Using exceptional raw materials to offer you an exclusive perfume.

I like to sublimate the purity of natural raw materials, to play with atypical synthetic materials, to create beauty, to surprise, and to experiment to create illusion.

Léa Hiram

My anthropologist path crosses the world capital of perfumery in 2014. I learn the art of perfume composition at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. I then worked in industrial perfumeries in the Grasse region for five years.

Within the luxury houses Hermès and Dior Parfums, I share the intimate creativity of perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena and Christine Nagel in Grasse, then François Demachy Dior in Paris.

In 2016, I intervened as a speaker at the UNESCO for the inscription of “the know-how related to perfume in the Grasse region” to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

My career and my travels offer me an immense happiness: to dive into the heart of the cultures of perfume plants in the company of the producers. I have always been close to natural ingredients.

The idea of founding my own company dedicated to the creation of customized perfumes is obvious. I favor the use of exceptional ingredients as well as original creation techniques inspired by French perfumery.

The choice to remain an independent artist allows me to deploy all my creativity as a free nose. I formulate carefully, with my heart and my strongest emotions as my only inspiration.

I currently live between France and Canada.


  • ONSKAD Fragrances
  • Light’in the roots
  • Lady Love


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